Quick Start to using warrington.rooms

Room requests are really quite simple and straight forward using the warrington.rooms web interface.
The following guidelines will describe the steps required for requesting rooms.

Steps: Requesting a Room

  1. Navigate to warrington.rooms.ufl.edu
  2. Log in with Gatorlink
  3. Click 'Room Request'
  4. Specify a Date, Start Time and End Time and (optional) Recurrance for your request
  5. Click the 'Facilities' pull down to specify a building
  6. Enter the anticipated attendance for the event
  7. Select a room setup type
  8. Click 'Find Space'
  9. Click the green plus sign next to your chosen room to request it
  10. Note: The room is moved into 'Selected Locations' (top of available room grid). Click the red 'x' to de-select the room
  11. Click the 'Details' Tab
  12. Complete all fields with an '*' next to their label.
  13. Click 'Submit'


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